Meeting and Party Reservations

  • Groups of tables are available for reservation, the number of tables reserved will depend on group size. (Java Jive does not have private rooms available for reservation at this time.)
  • 1-2 extra tables will be reserved for showers and parties to use for gifts and other uses. Groups are limited to the use of the number of tables that have been arranged prior to group’s arrival.
  • Groups of tables may be reserved for no additional charge. Groups, however, are expected to patronize Java Jive, either by having individuals within the group make their own purchases, or the group host purchasing and providing food and beverages for the group.
    • For groups that intend to have their guests make their own purchases, hosts are responsible for making sure their guests understand that a purchase is required. If large groups are meeting and very few quests have made purchases, our staff will approach the group and ask them to make a purchase.
  • Reservation times are limited to 3 hours, unless arrangements have been made to provide 2 rounds of food and beverage to the group.
  • Groups may not bring in outside food or beverages for the group, this includes cakes or cupcakes from other places.
  • Java Jive has many catering options for groups, including: pitchers of drinks, appetizer platters, cupcakes, and cakes. (Please see attached catering menu.)
  • Groups are not allowed to sell merchandise or items from catalogs within Java Jive to their own group or other customers in the shop.


Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to working with your group! We are happy to assist you with your plans in any way we can. Feel free to email or call with any questions!

(573) 221-1017   Ask for Brittany or Katy