Drink Options

  • Pump pot of coffee, different varieties available, includes cups, sugars, and cream, serves 8-10 small cups, $10/pot
  • Iced tea: plain, sweet, or flavored, serves 10-12 16oz cups, $10/gallon, cups included
  • Iced coffee, different varieties available, serves 10-12 small cups, $12/gallon, cups included
  • Lemonade: serves 10-12 small cups, $10/gallon
  • Bottled juice, $30 /dozen, varieties include orange, apple, cranberry, or cran-grape
  • Bottled water, $16/dozen
  • Glass bottled sodas, $27/dozen, varieties include Fitz’ Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Cream, Orange, or Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Cheerwine

Bakery Options

  • Muffins: Varieties: cranberry walnut, blueberry, sunrise (fruit, nut, & bran), apple cinnamon, cappuccino chocolate chunk, chocolate-chocolate
    • Jumbo: $33/dozen or $2.75 each
    • Standard/cupcake size (sold only in dozens): $22/dozen
    • Mini muffins (sold only in dozens, minimum 2 dozen): $9/dozen
  • Scones: (varieties vary through the year) $24/dozen
  • Glazed donuts: $12/dozen
  • Fancy donuts: $15/dozen (different flavors available)
  • Cinnamon twists: $33/dozen
  • Raspberry cream cheese croissants: $33/dozen
  • Fruit turnovers: $33/dozen
  • Assorted muffins and pastries: $33/dozen
  • Cinnamon rolls (pecan glazed or cream cheese icing) $36/dozen

Cookies & Sweets

  • Assorted cookies: $15/dozen
  • Assorted brownies: $18/dozen
  • Dessert bars $30-$42/quarter sheet or 9X13 (Can be cut into regular pieces or small bites)
  • 7 layer cookie bars $24/dozen

Cakes & Cupcakes

  • Standard cupcakes (white, chocolate, yellow, or red velvet cake with buttercream or cream cheese frosting) $22/dozen (sold only in dozens)
  • Premium cupcakes (chocolate raspberry, maple bacon, tie-dye, theme colored, chocolate-peanut butter, chocolate dipped, plus many more options) $24-36/dozen (sold only in dozens)
  • Single, double, or triple layered cakes and cheesecakes $30-$60/cake. Many varieties to choose from including carrot cake cheesecake, triple layered red velvet cheesecake, peanut butter fudge cheesecake, turtle cheesecake, candy bar cheesecake, triple layered chocolate cake, layered lemon cake, raspberry white chocolate cheesecake

Appetizers & Snacks

  • Veggie platter with roaster red pepper hummus, black bean hummus, or ranch. Serves 25-30, $30/veggies + 1 dip or $35/veggies + 3 dips
  • Fresh fruit bowl (available during spring and summer only due to fresh fruit availability), serves 25-30 $25
  • Pinwheel platter, varieties can be chosen from the wraps section of regular menu, $12/dozen (sold only in dozens)
  • Sandwich platter: sandwiches are cut in half. Choose from any sandwich on the menu made on wheat or sour dough, prices vary depending on sandwiches chosen
  • Pasta salad, serves 25, $25/bowl
  • Almond, bacon, broccoli salad, serves 25, $35/bowl
  • Quinoa salad, serves 25, $35/bowl, varieties include mediterranean, thai, roaster veggie, southwest, plus more
  • Fresh veggie salad: made with spring mix, shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, homemade croutons, and assorted dressings. Serves 10-12 side salads, $30/bowl


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